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In The Deep Hue Sea ---- and stuff?

First off - lets start with me wishing you all a happy New Year!


I am not really the type to make resolutions(mostly because I am REALLY bad at keeping them) but this year things just sort of lined up to where I find myself sitting here wanting a new beginning - a do over - if you will, in regards to my business. I absolutely LOVE dyeing yarn. It has been my passion for a long time(about 10 years - nearly 1/3 of my life). Somewhere along the way yarn dyeing took the back seat and life and mom-ing took over. I can give you the exact date of when that happened but it had a lot to do with my fresh new baby being hospitalized for what was the scariest 16 days and in the end not really getting any answers to what exactly happened to her. Luckily, that sweet baby is full steam ahead into being a rambunctious, hard headed toddler but I feel like it has really done a number on my business. I just wasn't present in running my business. I let it take the backseat and that's OKAY but now I miss my business. The business I have poured blood, sweat and tears into over the years and care deeply about. Over the past few months I didn't really know what direction I wanted to go. Do I stop dyeing? Get a normal job? Try something new? Push for more wholesale? Stop wholesale and sell directly? I honestly still don't have an answer here but I do know that I don't want to stop dyeing completely. I MISS it and know that if I stop completely I will be sad.

So now what?!


Back in November I stumbled upon some new equipment that I thought would be awesome to add to my business. I thought maybe I could use it as a crossover of something I love(dyeing) with something new and exciting(lasering). We took the plunge and have been exploring our new Glowforge since we received it.

It turns out that I love lasering almost as much as dyeing! And I especially LOVE when I am able to mix the two and create things like this.

<~~ I have so many new ideas to try out with our Glowforge that I don't seem to have enough hours in the day. I am excited for what 2020 holds for us and I am even more excited to get some projects under my belt that will merge my dyeing and lasering! So if you've missed us - don't fret we are back with even more rainbows than ever!!

(Here are some projects we've been playing around with) If you want to learn more about our laser and what it can do - click here :)


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