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Frequently Asked Questions

Care Instructions
We always suggest to hand wash all of your items made with hand dyed yarn. To hand wash  fill your sink or bucket in cool or lightly warm water with a little wool wash(we suggest Eucalan). Submerge item and let soak. ​Remove as much of the excess water as you can(you can use the spin only cycle in your washing machine). Then block as needed and dry.
How do I place an order?
You can shop at one of our retailers or on our online store.​
Why is your yarn so expensive?
This is a tough question! There are a lot of reasons really. Firstly, our yarn bases are probably among the highest out there for indie dyers to use, which means this higher cost is funneled down to me, then to our customers. We believe that this bare yarn is the best out there and definitely worth the cost.  Secondly, there are a lot of hidden costs in dyeing yarn that most people wouldn't really realize! It's not just yarn that is dyed. It's yarn, dye, citric acid, soap, wool wash, gloves, masks, water, electricity, labels, label strings, tissue paper, poly mailers, tape, shipping labels, printer ink, and paper. Plus payment processor fees, website hosting, cart fees, dyeing equipment, skein winders, photography setup, booth setup and of course the TIME it takes me to dye it all and the trial and error in creating new colorways! It all adds up quite quickly.   ​
What is alternating skeins and why do you suggest it?
I always suggest alternating skeins. With hand dyed yarn, even yarn dyed in the same exact batch can have variations from skein to skein. What this means, is when you use multiple skeins in a project the bottom half can look different from the top half. Alternating skeins reduces the chances of there being a noticeable difference. Basically, alternating skeins is just working a couple rows with one skein, and a couple rows with your second skein throughout your project. This is a really great article if you want to know more:
Do you have dyelots?
Yes and no. We do dye batches of the same colorway at once, but we do not record dyelots. We try our best to get every batch of yarn to match but the nature of hand dyed yarn is every skein is unique.
Do You do custom orders?
Right now, we are not doing complete custom orders. If you have a colorway request we will try our best to entertain the order, but it depends on our current work load. Go ahead and send us a request on the contact us page.​






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