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The Indie Dyer Collaborative Live Sessions!

Our day is August 1st! So be sure to check it out that day! I will be showing a bit of our studio, some yummy yarn, and may even have a little surprise for you all! Starting Monday, July 17th we'll be doing Live FB feeds and featuring some of our awesome dyers in the Indie Dyer Collaborative!! Hop on over to the Collaborative Facebook page ( and like/follow it! When you do, you'll get a notification when one of our dyers hop on for their Live Session. Some will be in front of the camera, some behind, some will show you their studio, some may do their video from a place that inspires them, or even at a special event they are at! We're all different and we come together for the love of dyeing yarn and fiber. Please come meet all of us.

Here is the tentative schedule for all the dyers:

Date Indie Dyer

7/17 The KiwiPop Studio

7/18 Savvy Skeins

7/19 Casual Fashion Queen

7/20 TreasureGoddess Yarrrrrn

7/21 TBD

7/22 Fierce Fibers

7/23 Lazer Sheep Yarns

7/24 Mosaic Moon

7/25 Material Culture Fiber Arts

7/26 Groovy Hues Fibers

7/27 Berry Colorful Yarnings

7/28 Forbidden Woolery

7/29 A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co.

7/30 Acid Veil Dyeworks

7/31 Beautiful Mess Yarn Works

8/1 In The Deep Hue Sea

8/2 Spun Sugar Yarns

8/3 Hampton Artistic Yarns


8/5 Panorama Fiber Arts

8/6 Shirsty Cat Designs

8/7 Inner Yarn Zen

8/8 Haute Knit Yarn

8/9 Destination Yarn

8/10 Yarn Love

8/11 Apothefaery Luxury Fibers

8/12 Twin Mommy Creations

8/13 Oink Pigments

8/14 Yarn Baby

8/15 Spirit Trail Fiberworks

8/16 AJHC Wools

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