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Rainbow Gradient!

I was approached by Sock Yarn Swappers a while back to do another mini-skein run(here is a link if you are interested in a variety of mini skeins from different indie dyers). After a few weeks of brain storming I decided on a deep charcoal grey/black rainbow gradient set and I am soooo happy I did! I stocked some full skein sets, 500g sets, and 100g sets!

○ Love ○ Bliss ○ Honor ○ Peace ○ Respect ○ Serenity ○ Harmony ○ Tranquility ○ Passion ○ Unity ○

I am so excited to see all the creations everyone creates with these! I have seriously faved SOOOOOO many things on Ravelry with this set in mind! What would you make with them?


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