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About In The Deep Hue Sea

Hello! My name is Erica. I am the owner/dyer at In The Deep Hue Sea. I am a mother to two little monster boys (ages 4 and 9) and wife to a very caring and loving husband. I majored in music and have always had a love for all things crafty. I started dyeing yarn in 2009 when my oldest son was just a little guy still in diapers! He was cloth diapered and I kept seeing people post photos of their kids in these cute little knitted shorts. As it turns out, people were buying this amazing yarn and MAKING them. WHAT! That's when I knew that I needed to learn how to knit. I went to tried for days to figure it out! After a few trips to the local big box craft stores I knew there was no way they would have what I was after. I have always been attracted to vibrant, deeply saturated yarns, which the craft stores here seemed to be lacking. On a whim I ordered some bare yarn and acid dyes. I was immediately hooked! I will admit that the first few tries gave me some"interesting" results. I couldn't give up! I was determined to get this right. My very first successful skein of yarn was an absolute thrill! I knew from that moment I would be dyeing yarn, and lots of it. I dabbled in personal dyeing for years before I decided to give this "Indie Dyer" thing a go. I did it part time until 2015 when I decided it was time to go full time! By then I had my second son and it was the perfect opportunity to be able to spend more time with my boys but also do something I loved, and more importantly, something for me. It's a lot of hard work but at the end of the day it's a labor of love and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have shared my passion of dyeing with anyone who will listen. Teaching my friends and family to knit and how to dye yarn and fiber of their own. I have even taught some sessions at the local community center as well as dyeing classes at local yarn stores. I really hope that my passion and love for this art shows in my work and that my customers enjoy using it as much as I love dyeing it.Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate all the love and support!

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